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Review 3: "Molecular Docking Studies of Aromatherapy Oils Against SARS-COV-2"

This study employs computational strategies to investigate whether aromatherapy-relevant compounds may be effective in suppressing SARS-CoV-2 infection. While provocative, the data offered does not fully substantiate the claims made.

Published onNov 22, 2020
Review 3: "Molecular Docking Studies of Aromatherapy Oils Against SARS-COV-2"

RR:C19 Evidence Scale rating by reviewer:

  • Reliable. The main study claims are generally justified by its methods and data. The results and conclusions are likely to be similar to the hypothetical ideal study. There are some minor caveats or limitations, but they would/do not change the major claims of the study. The study provides sufficient strength of evidence on its own that its main claims should be considered actionable, with some room for future revision.



Authors tried to find out docking of aroma oils with coronavirus proteins. Findings are okay. I recommend that results and discussion should be combined and elaborated.

Cite previous research nicely like Sharma Arun Dev et al 2020 (Jensenone from eucalyptus essential oil as a potential inhibitor of COVID-19 coronavirus infection (Research and Reviews in Biotechnology and Biosciences, VOL 7:Pg: 60-67, Author Name Arun Dev Sharma, Inderjeet Kaur) has studied the docking of jensenone with MPRO protein. I suggest that authors cite the references and discuss the findings too. It will enhance the impact of their study.

Paper can be accepted after modification.

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