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Review of "COVID in Post Vaccinated individuals- Beacon of Light"

Reviewers: Pragya Yadav (National Institute of Virology) and Sanjay Kumar (Armed Forces Medical College) | 📗📗📗📗◻️

Published onMar 15, 2022
Review of "COVID in Post Vaccinated individuals- Beacon of Light"
key-enterThis Pub is a Review of
COVID in Post Vaccinated individuals- Beacon of Light

IntroductionCOVISHIELD and COVAXIN have been introduced post rapid approval as COVID vaccines in India, which has the second most COVID cases across countries. These vaccines are being administered in a two-dose schedule from 16 Jan 2021. This study deals with the clinical profile of individuals who developed COVID infection post-COVID vaccination.This is the first study of similar nature in India.MethodologyThe study population comprised of individuals who were detected to be COVID positive 04 weeks post-vaccination and were compared with individuals detected positive within the first 04 weeks of vaccination. Data was collected in a digital questionnaire format and analyzed with SPSS v-23 software. Clinical features were profiled in detail. Chi-square analysis was done to find out the association of various demographic features with the severity of the disease.ResultsIn the study population, fever was the commonest symptom (75.1%) followed by anosmia (72.1%), and shortness of breath (16.3%). There was a lower incidence of fever, cough, dyspnea, and requirement of hospitalization in the study population as compared to the control group and previous epidemiological data. The time required for complete recovery and disease severity was favorable in our study population. There was a significant correlation in the rate of hospitalization among the study group and the comparative group (p=0.0001) and between the number of dosage of COVID vaccine with the lowest SpO2 recorded (p=0.001).ConclusionThis study will boost the ongoing initiative of having a maximal vaccinated population countrywide and emphasize the need for two doses of vaccination.

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Reviewer 1 (Pragya Yadav and Sanjay Kumar) | 📗📗📗📗◻️

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