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Reviews of "KIM-1/TIM-1 is a Receptor for SARS-CoV-2 in Lung and Kidney"

Reviewers: Lawrence Kane (University of Pittsburgh) | 📒📒📒 ◻️ ◻️ • Stanley Lemon (UNC-Chapel Hill), Anshuman Das (Duke) | 📒📒📒 ◻️ ◻️

Published onOct 23, 2020
Reviews of "KIM-1/TIM-1 is a Receptor for SARS-CoV-2 in Lung and Kidney"

To read the original manuscript, click the link above.

Summary of Reviews: This study reports that KIM-1/TIM-1 serves as an alternative host receptor for SARS-CoV-2 entry. Reviewers find this study lacks experimental evidence that substantiates these claims. Findings should not be regarded as actionable.

Reviewer 1 (Lawrence Kane) | 📒📒📒 ◻️◻️

Reviewer 2 (Stanley Lemon, Anshuman Das) | 📒📒📒 ◻️◻️

RR:C19 Strength of Evidence Scale Key

📕 ◻️◻️◻️◻️ = Misleading

📙📙 ◻️◻️◻️ = Not Informative

📒📒📒 ◻️◻️ = Potentially Informative

📗📗📗📗◻️ = Reliable

📘📘📘📘📘 = Strong

To read the reviews, click the links below. 

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