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Reviews of "Ondansetron Use is Associated with Lower COVID-19 Mortality in a Real-World Data Network-Based Analysis"

Reviewers: M Combs (UC Berkeley) | 📒📒📒 ◻️◻️ • Z. Wang (John Hopkins) | 📗📗📗📗◻️

Published onNov 15, 2021
Reviews of "Ondansetron Use is Associated with Lower COVID-19 Mortality in a Real-World Data Network-Based Analysis"
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Ondansetron use is associated with lower COVID-19 mortality in a Real-World Data network-based analysis

ABSTRACTObjectiveThe COVID-19 pandemic generated a massive amount of clinical data, which potentially holds yet undiscovered answers related to COVID-19 morbidity, mortality, long term effects, and therapeutic solutions. The objective of this study was to generate insights on COVID-19 mortality-associated factors and identify potential new therapeutic options for COVID-19 patients by employing artificial intelligence analytics on real-world data.MethodsA Bayesian statistics-based artificial intelligence data analytics tool (bAIcis®) within Interrogative Biology® platform was used for network learning, inference causality and hypothesis generation to analyze 16,277 PCR positive patients from a database of 279,281 inpatients and outpatients tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection by antigen, antibody, or PCR methods during the first pandemic year in Central Florida. This approach generated causal networks that enabled unbiased identification of significant predictors of mortality for specific COVID-19 patient populations. These findings were validated by logistic regression, regression by least absolute shrinkage and selection operator, and bootstrapping.ResultsWe found that in the SARS-CoV-2 PCR positive patient cohort, early use of the antiemetic agent ondansetron was associated with increased survival in mechanically ventilated patients.ConclusionsThe results demonstrate how real world COVID-19 focused data analysis using artificial intelligence can generate valid insights that could possibly support clinical decision-making and minimize the future loss of lives and resources.

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Summary of Reviews: Though this study sheds light on a new, potentially impactful medication that reduces COVID-19 mortality, reviewers agree that its methodological flaws may compromise such results. Unaccounted for coefficients, causal implications and generalizability issues are further explored in these reviews.

Reviewer 1 (Mary C…) | 📒📒📒 ◻️◻️

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