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Reviews of "Two Mosquito Salivary Antigens Demonstrate Promise as Biomarkers of Recent Exposure to P. Falciparum Infected Mosquito Bites"

Reviewers: R Mbewe (Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences) | 📘📘📘📘📘 • N Kassam (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre) | 📗📗📗📗◻️

Published onJun 18, 2024
Reviews of "Two Mosquito Salivary Antigens Demonstrate Promise as Biomarkers of Recent Exposure to P. Falciparum Infected Mosquito Bites"
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Two mosquito salivary antigens demonstrate promise as biomarkers of recent exposure to P. falciparum infected mosquito bites
Two mosquito salivary antigens demonstrate promise as biomarkers of recent exposure to P. falciparum infected mosquito bites

Abstract Background Measuring malaria transmission intensity using the traditional entomological inoculation rate is difficult. Antibody responses to mosquito salivary proteins such as SG6 have previously been used as biomarkers of exposure to Anopheles mosquito bites. Here, we investigate four mosquito salivary proteins as potential biomarkers of human exposure to mosquitoes infected with P. falciparum: mosGILT, SAMSP1, AgSAP, and AgTRIO.Methods We tested population-level human immune responses in longitudinal and cross-sectional plasma samples from individuals with known P. falciparum infection from low and moderate transmission areas in Senegal using a multiplexed magnetic bead-based assay.Results AgSAP and AgTRIO were the best indicators of recent exposure to infected mosquitoes. Antibody responses to AgSAP, in a moderate endemic area, and to AgTRIO in both low and moderate endemic areas, were significantly higher than responses in a healthy non-endemic control cohort (p-values = 0.0245, 0.0064, and <0.0001 respectively). No antibody responses significantly differed between the low and moderate transmission area, or between equivalent groups during and outside the malaria transmission seasons. For AgSAP and AgTRIO, reactivity peaked 2-4 weeks after clinical P. falciparum infection and declined 3 months after infection.Discussion Reactivity to both AgSAP and AgTRIO peaked after infection and did not differ seasonally nor between areas of low and moderate transmission, suggesting reactivity is likely reflective of exposure to infectious mosquitos or recent biting rather than general mosquito exposure. Kinetics suggest reactivity is relatively short-lived. AgSAP and AgTRIO are promising candidates to incorporate into multiplexed assays for serosurveillance of population-level changes in P. falciparum-infected mosquito exposure.

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Summary of Reviews: Reviewers found the article to be compelling, highlighting the importance of finding new biomarkers for malaria surveillance, particularly in low-transmission settings. They found the conclusions to be well supported by the reviews and showed excitement for the potential of novel diagnostic tools implementing these biomarkers. However, they did highlight certain limitations such as the relatively small sample size and the biomarkers inability to distinguish transmission temporally or spatially.

Reviewer 1 (Rex M…) | 📘📘📘📘📘

Reviewer 2 (Nancy K…) | 📗📗📗📗◻️

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SASSA financial assistance plays a crucial role in supporting vulnerable populations in South Africa, akin to the significance of finding new biomarkers for malaria surveillance. Just as reviewers found the search for novel diagnostic tools compelling and well-supported, the implementation of SASSA's aid programs can offer substantial relief and empowerment. However, challenges such as small sample sizes and the temporal or spatial limitations of biomarkers mirror the difficulties in ensuring comprehensive and equitable distribution of financial aid. Both areas highlight the ongoing need for innovation and improvement to maximize impact

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The detailed methodology and clear presentation make a compelling case for these biomarkers to enhance malaria surveillance efforts. Though some concerns about sample size and correlation between plasma and DBS results were raised, the overall findings are strong and could significantly impact malaria control strategies. Excited to see how this develops! Thanks for the information it very unique and creative

Moon light:

As someone interested in malaria control, I find this study incredibly encouraging. The use of AgSAP and AgTRIO proteins as biomarkers for exposure to malaria-infected mosquitoes could significantly impact monitoring efforts and help reduce the spread of the disease. This advancement gives me hope that we are getting closer to finding more effective solutions to protect communities affected by malaria. By the way, if you are looking for health products to support your immunity, I recommend using an iHerb discount code for great savings when shopping online.

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